A Complete Overview of Peyronies Disease, its Effects and Treatments

Peyronies disease is a condition that affects men, ages 40 and older. It is a condition where fibrous plaque nodules form in the fibrous sheath the Tunica Albuginea which surrounds cylinder like tubes in the shaft of the penis. Sufferers of this condition generally suffer penile pain and bending of the penis. Medical attention is not generally sought until the pain begins, curving and nodules are noticed. Doctors are hard pressed for a set treatment, however to date none have been developed. Many doctors treat the condition with various medications, some with good results and some with little to no results. However one must be patient when treating this condition. It can take months or even years to treat Peyronie’s and notice improvement. Most importantly for those who suffer from this condition it is very important to start taking action to at least somewhat control the outcome.

It is normal that some men are born with a curvature of the penis. This however is not a sign of Peyronies disease. Peyronie’s affects around 3% of men from age 35 and older. Still in recent studies some doctors are claiming that this condition is prevalent in as much as 10% of men but because of it’s intimate nature it remains highly under reported. The severity of the condition varies from man to man. Some men may go through the condition without any lasting damage while others could go impotent. Erectile dysfunction can become a problem especially when the rigidity of the penis is affected. In the  event that impotence occurs, the treatment is surgery.

Because it is hard to predict how Peyronie’s will play out, it is very important to start treatment as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed. The sooner you start the better the outcome so seeing a doctor ASAP is of the highest importance. Remember most family doctors are not familiar with Peyronie’s so seeing a urologist would be ideal. Unfortunately, Getting an appointment to see a urologist can take a month for a first visit; this is time that could be used more wisely treating the condition instead of waiting for an appointment.

Short History Of Peyronies

francoisgigotdelapeyroniePeyronies AKA bent nail disease was originally described by Guilio Cesare Aranzi as a rare affection of the genitals in people with excessive sexual intercourse. A small tumor like a bean in the flaccid penis which causes a deformity similar to a ram horn during erection in 1587. It was not given its current name until later when the surgeon to King Louis XIV, François Gigot de la Peyronie described the cases of three men with fibrous, thickening of the penile shaft with painful erections and penile curvature in 1743 some one and a half centuries later.

Natural Peyronie’s Treatment

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