Causes of Peyronies Disease

It is actually unknown what the cause of Peyronies disease is but listed here are some possible causes:

peyronies curvature

  • Injury to the penis – Some believe that injury to the penis and improper healing is the primary cause of Peyronies disease. This is a valid belief since injury or trauma can occur during vigorous sexual intercourse. It can cause tissue to tear and scarring to occur. Injury to the penis can also occur during a medical procedure such as catheterization where a tube is inserted through the penis and into the bladder to pass urine. Cystoscopy is another procedure where trauma or injury can occur.
  •  Inherited condition – Although it is not thought to be a genetic passable trait, Peyronies disease is more common in men who have witnessed a similar condition in other male family members. Conditions such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Dupuytren’s contracture have also been common within families of men who suffer Peyronies disease.
  • Vitamin E deficiency – This deficiency has been associated with Peyronies disease which is why many doctors treat the condition with Vitamin E.
    4. Diabetes – When you contract diabetes, damage to the blood vessels can occur. This can cause the disease to become evident.
  •  Infection –Severe vascular inflammation has been found in patients with Peyronies disease. This may indicate a vascular cause for the disease.
  •  Side effect from other medications – Some claim that Peyronies is a rare side effect of anti-hypertension medications, in particular Inderal (propanolol).

Although all of these can be causes of the disease, no common cause among sufferers has been found.

Natural Peyronies Treatment

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