How You Can Keep Your Erection Safe

If you are like most of us, you take a lot of pride in your penis- it’s kind of like your ‘show piece’ in the world of human body parts. Yet, ironically, we do a lot of things to screw it up and mess with its health and welfare and our erection suffers. womanratingmanerection

Most guys know that some of their lifestyle choices are harmful to their health but most of us are pretty good at ignoring it. That is until the day comes when it affects our sex life. At least that’s according to Dr. Charles Walker, assistant professor of urology in the Cardiovascular and Sexual Health clinic at Yale University. He’s also one of the cofounders.

If you have low testosterone, it leads to a crappy sex drive. If you have trouble getting it up and keeping it there, it’s almost always linked to some form of high risk behavior that at some stage of life can no longer be reversed and suddenly you find yourself dealing with full blown erectile dysfunction or ED.

So what do you need to do? Glad you asked! Let’s look at ways you can keep your penis healthy and your erections safe.

#1 Start by Cleaning Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Some antidepressants and some blood pressure medications are known to cause erection problems. However, one medication you might not think about that can cause erectile dysfunction is cold and allergy medicine.

#2 It is Time to Leave Your Work Stress at the Office

Stress that’s linked to work has a huge effect on your sexual function. In fact, according to some experts men in their 40s and 50s who are enjoying highly stressful jobs suffer from erectile dysfunction. Men with demanding careers/jobs tend to not be able to leave their job at work, which means the days anxiety finds its way home and that stops them from getting revved up in the bedroom.

In addition, if you are a workaholic you tend not to find enough time for exercise and adequate sleep, which are contributors in ED. You need to learn how to turn it off. That includes no working during your vacation and learning how to relax at home.

#3 Keep Your Booze Intake Under Raps

Knocking back a couple of drinks might give you the courage to talk to that girl at the bar, but if you had a good roll in the hay planned it could ruin that plan. According to a study at the University of Washington, drunk guys put a lot of effort into getting it up and it was still soft. Even if drinking doesn’t impair your sexual performance now, it could down the road. At least that’s what a study done in 2013 found. The Journal of Sexual Medicine says that reformed alcoholics had a higher likelihood of developing ED than those who didn’t drink. Most performance issues are linked with too much alcohol, so just stay away from alcohol.

#4 Go to Bed at a Normal Time

A good nights sleep is important. Not enough sleep can mean your erection suffers. Research done at the University of Chicago found that if you sleep 5 hours or less than your testosterone levels drop. Even young guys that are healthy will have a 10% drop after just a few nights lacking sleep. This affects your libido and your sexual function. In addition, dopamine and serotonin are regulated by sleep and both can affect your erection. So a good night’s sleep is important whether you’re 20 or 60, especially if you want your penis to work!

#5 No More Cradling Your Laptop

Your laptop produces a great deal of heat and warming your testicles (anyway) decreases your sperm count and the level of testosterone. Placing your laptop over your junk can affect your testosterone production and interfere with your ability to enjoy an erection.

#6 Take Vigrx Plus And raise your GH levels

As we age and our pituitary gland produces less human growth hormone it affects us many ways – one of the most noticeable is we begin to show signs of aging such as loss of muscle mass, weight gain (especially belly fat), decrease in libido, decrease in energy, etc. Taking a supplement like Genf20 Plus will help to increase your GH production and that in turn can help to keep your penis standing longer and harder. Also adding a testosterone booster like Vigrx Plus may help improve the quality of erections in most users.

We’ve looked at six things you can do for erection health. However, if you do suffer from ED make sure you see your doctor as there are treatments to help you get back your sex life.

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