Peyronies And Impotence

Peyronie’s disease: Can It Cause Impotence?

Peyronie’s disease is one of the many penis disorders that will not cause impotence.  For those of you that do not know exactly what impotence is, it is defined as being incapability of hold an erection long enough to have sex.  Although Peyronie’s disease can affect the erection mechanism itself, it is less serious than impotence as a disorder.

Although there are studies that have shown that up to forty percent of men do experience some erectile dysfunction.  This is usually a result in reduction of the max amount of hardness that the penis can get.  Usually this is just temporary and it really does not affect a man from having intercourse.  However, in a very extreme case of Peyronie’s disease, getting an erection can be painful.

Impotence is one of the diseases that mean that the penis can not hold an erection that is not the case with Peyronie’s disease at all. It is usually just very painful for the man to have an erection.  The scar tissue around the penis, constricting its movements is something that can be very painful and definitely uncomfortable.

One of the causes for the erectile dysfunction that men feel when they are diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease is labeled as “venous leakage”.  Basically, this leakage is going to be the blood that is usually trapped within the tunica albuginea.  Plaques are usually the cause of this as they prevent the exit veins from pinching off.

Peyronie’s disease: The Damaging Effects

What a lot of people do not realize is that Peyronie’s disease can have a lot of damaging effects to a man.  Although the exact cause of this disease is not known just yet, one of the very signs of it is going to be a hard and fibrous layer of scar tissue, which is also referred to as plaque.

One of the biggest things that can cause a lot of stress and have a damaging effect is going to be when the penis is fully expanded.  This is when the corpora cavernosa takes on a form of an ‘I’ beam.  This is where the damaging effects take form as the plaque is one of the things that can not only hurt when expanded, but it can also be extremely uncomfortable.

Peyronie’s disease can not only damage the self confidence of a man, but it can also ruin a relationship.  A lot of times, the man simply does not want to get an erection because it hurts or because it looks funny.  Peyronie’s disease is not a funny disease and it can be extremely damaging in a lot of different ways.

This terrible disease is one that affects a man’s most prized body part and deforms it.  The fact that this terrible disease does not have a cure is another thing that is not only scary but it is something that men think about when they are diagnosed with this disease.  Just know, it is not the end of the world if you are diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, there are many, many different treatment options available, you simply have to look for them


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