Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

When it comes to Peyronie’s disease, there are many different treatments available.  You can get anything from medicines to help ease the pain all the way to surgery.  You really just have to know what you want. 

It seems that over the years, there have been a lot of treatments and medications that have been developed to treat this terrible disease and a lot of them have been found to make a lot of difference.  One thing that you will want to do before you start any type of treatment is going to be consulting your doctor.  While most doctors can not say with absolute certainty that a certain treatment will work or will not work, it definitely pays off to check all of the avenues available.

If you happen to catch Peyronie’s disease early, you may have a better chance in getting rid of it with little to no illness or scarring later on.  This is generally found out by the amount and change of the tissue elasticity.  In the early stages of Peyronie’s disease, the elasticity is changed just slightly, where in a later case of Peyronie’s disease; the elasticity can be changed drastically.

Whenever you are trying to find out the history of a disease, you want to make sure that you watch it.  This is one treatment that a lot of doctors are considering for Peyronie’s disease.  They will monitor this disorder for up to six months to see if it gets worst and the patient is a candidate for surgery.  During this time, erections can be extremely painful but eventually, doctors have found that the pain does go away on its own.  If the disease does get worse though, you definitely want to consult with your doctor to ensure that you can get surgery.

Some medications that can be used for Peyronie’s disease:

  • Vitamin E is a treatment that has been used for Peyronie’s disease since about 1945. This treatment also works for other scars that you might have.
  • Potassium Para Amino Benzoate also known as Potaba is another treatment that has been approved by the FDA as a possible treatment for Peyronie’s disease, although if you take it in large douses, it might cause intestinal problems.
  • Colchicine is another treatment that has been used for years to battle Peyronie’s disease and it has certainly been affective to fight against scar tissue.
  • Another medication is Verapamil and this is usually given as an injection right into the scar tissue.  This is one medication that could mess with the scar tissue precursors, so you want to take that into consideration before you opt for this treatment.
  • Finally, Collagenase is another drug that is investigational right now but it is supposed to basically digest the scar.

It is pretty obvious that there are going to be a lot of choices for treatments for this terrible disease, but as always, you want to make sure that you find the very best treatment that works for you.  Talking with your doctor and choosing a lot of different options for a set period of time will absolutely help you in the long run.  You never, ever want to mix any treatments on your own, you will always want to consult your doctor in any treatment changes. 

Who Should Consider Surgery?

One of the biggest and scariest things for a man to hear is surgery when it involves their penis.  You never, ever want to go the surgery route unless you are absolutely sure that you need it.  This is where consulting your doctor and weighing all of your options needs to be done.  There are a few things that the ideal candidate will need in order to even consider surgery.

Firstly, you need to evaluate just how severe the Peyronie’s disease is before you opt for surgery or even discuss surgery.  Usually, this is confirmed by the severity of the disease in sexual function or even just how the penis looks.  If it seriously looks deformed and has a constant pain, you may want to opt for surgery. 

After you have evaluated just how severe the Peyronie’s disease is, you need to make sure that a natural healing treatment has been completed or at least some other type of treatment, just so you can exhaust all of your options before you jump right under the knife.  Finally, you need to make sure that you are stable, no surgeon will operate on a man’s condition if it is changing whether for the better or not. 

What are some of the threats of surgical treatment?

One of the biggest things that you need to keep in your mind when you are going in for surgery for Peyronie’s disease is knowing that it is not going to cure it.  While surgery will help relieve the pain of Peyronie’s disease, it definitely will not cure it and you should know that before you go under the knife. 

Now that you know that surgery will not cure Peyronie’s disease, you should now know that there are a few risks whenever a man goes into surgery for Peyronie’s disease.  Although Peyronie’s disease has been known to shorten the length of a man’s penis due to the loss of elasticity, surgery can not always correct this.  This is one of the risks as many men think that they can just go in, have surgery and be completely fixed.  Another thing that surgery might not be able to do is completely straighten out the penis.  It all depends on how curved the penis gets but surgery can not always straighten it out completely.  Also, some of the sensory nerves in the penis can be lost, so that is one risk that you will have to be willing to take if you opt for surgery. 

Finally, if you choose surgery, you could end up with impotence or a loss of erectile rigidity, which is basically a loss of the ability to get hard.

Some Surgery Options:

1.   The Nesbit Procedure

One of the most popular surgery procedures for Peyronie’s disease is going to be the Nesbit procedure.  This procedure involves gathering together the outer side of the bend in the penis and straightening it out.  While this procedure can lose quite a bit of length in the penis, it is far less risky than any other surgical procedure for Peyronie’s disease.  When you opt for this procedure, you know that you will have a less likely chance of getting ED (erectile dysfunction).

2.   Tissue Grafts

The next procedure is going to be tissue grafts.  With this procedure, the surgeon is going to take healthy tissues from another part of your body and after they cut away the bad scar tissues, they replace them with healthy tissues.  While this surgery can not help the bending particularly, it is one option that you can go with when you are considering surgery for Peyronie’s disease.  Despite all of the risks of skin grafting, it is still one of the most versatile reconstructive surgeries in the world.  This is especially true when there is severe bending of the penis. 

3.   Implant Surgery

Finally, the last option for surgery is going to be implant surgery.  This type of surgery is going to involve implanting small, biocompatible and plastic cylinders which can be either a solid or inflatable into the corpora cavernosa.  This will actually produce an actual erection for the man and at one time in the history of Peyronie’s disease treatments, this was the number one choice by patients. 

Some natural treatment options for Peyronie’s disease:

It is pretty obvious that every single disease is going to have some sort of natural treatment available and Peyronie’s disease is no exception.  Peyronie’s disease is one that is not common among a lot of people and it is one that a lot of people simply have no clue about.  For those of you that have no idea what Peyronie’s disease is, it is a disease that causes the penis to bend a different way when it is hard. 

The reason why the penis bends into a ‘J’ shape when it is hard is because of a hard layer of scar tissue that forms due to Peyronie’s disease.  Most of the time, this scar tissue is not cancerous, but the tissue can get thicker and harder, making the penis bend a different way.  This can make having an erection extremely painful for a man and if you are experiencing this, you should definitely seek medical attention right away.

Although there are many, many different medical treatments for Peyronie’s disease, you need to take some natural treatments into consideration as well.  Acetyl Carnitine is a fantastic natural treatment for Peyronie’s disease and should definitely be considered for this disease.  Although, there are a few risks that you should take into consider, the first being overstimulation and the next being insomnia. 

Another natural treatment for Peyronie’s disease is going to be Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which is an oral treatment that has been studied at length by some of the best doctors in the world.  A lot of doctors also use this treatment in conjunction with a few of the other treatments that are in effect for Peyronie’s disease.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is another treatment that has been used in quite a few hospitals throughout the world for Peyronie’s disease and while it is fairly new, it is one approach that seems to be working.  This treatment however, is still in the experimental phase, so it might be a good idea to wait on this one. 

Finally, one of treatment that you can use at home is going to be a mechanical device that allows you to gently be able to pull on the penis daily so that it can pull all of the penile tissue in order to straighten it out.  This is by far one of the best treatments and while it might be painful the first few times that you use it, it will definitely help you in the long run.  The best device to do this kind of work is going to be the Sizegenetics device.

Peyronie’s Disease: Some Treatment Studies

It is pretty obvious that Peyronie’s disease is one of those diseases that many, many people are effected by and while it is still not clear what causes the disease, it is obvious that the treatments are ones that need to work.  Peyronie’s disease is extremely uncomfortable and definitely one of the most painful diseases for any man.  While there are been a number of studies, it can be difficult to locate a lot of the information in those studies.

Potassium Paraminobenzoate, also referred to as POTABA is by far one of the most common treatments for Peyronie’s disease and it is definitely one that needed to be investigated a little bit further.  That is exactly what quite a few doctors did; they treated Peyronie’s disease in a prospective, randomized study that was placebo-controlled.  

This study in particular was done to prove that POTABA could be used as an effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease and that is why it was a double-blind study that was conducted over a twelve month period.  This particular study included roughly one hundred and three patients that had been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease and had a history of it.  Fifty-one of these patients were randomly receiving POTABA while the other fifty-two were receiving placebo. 

The results of this study actually revealed that the patients that were being treated with POTABA had improvement of their Peyronie’s disease and they were actually able to use their penis without pain.  There was a lot of progression and it stabilized the disease immensely. 

Another research study that was done was done to investigate the characteristics of patients with Peyronie’s disease that also have diabetes mellitus, also referred to as DM. This research study took place over an eight year period and it involved over three hundred patients that had been seen in an outpatient facility.  Usually, Peyronie’s disease does develop in men that have diabetes and this study proved that men who have both disorders usually have a higher risk of very severe deformity. 

Natural Supplement Questions For Peyronie’s Disease

Many of the questions that men have when they are looking for a treatment for Peyronie’s disease are going to be for a magic pill.  Sadly, there is no magic pill that can cure this terrible disease but there are a lot of treatments out there that your doctor can help you take.

One of the biggest things that men usually do is not do their research.  If you are thinking about taking any medication for Peyronie’s disease, the biggest thing is to do your research.  For example, if you are thinking about combining nattokinase and serapeptase as a treatment for Peyronie’s disease, you definitely want to make sure that you do your research.  One of the things that most websites will tell you is to take them separately.  The reason for this is because there has not been a study done to weigh out any of the side effects.

Another popular treatment for Peyronie’s disease is going to be taking glucosamine and MSM together.  This is another combination that should be checked out with your doctor as there has only been one case study done on these two medications for treating Peyronie’s disease. 

As you can see, you always want to make sure that you are doing all of your research and paying attention to all of the clinical studies that are happening for Peyronie’s disease. Also consider using a penis extender to improve the results of any treatment you are following. If you have Peyronie’s disease and you are looking for a cure, you never just want to jump into taking one medication, you want to make sure that you are consulting your doctor. 


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